Antique Moroccan Koummya Dagger-Antique Moroccan dagger knife-638

Antique Moroccan Koummya Dagger-Antique Moroccan dagger knife-638


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The sword and the Moroccan dagger or Moroccan Koummya Dagger were associated with courage and combat skills in ancient Arab history, and they remained that way until they gave up their role in the battlefields, and they became tools for men’s adornment, and their manufacture in the current era has embodied the history of the Arabs and their creativity. This industry is considered one of the most important crafts and ancient professions that indicate the ingenuity and skill of the craftsman in Morocco, as well as the cultural specificity and the design and artistic form it carries in creating the Moroccan dagger as a masterpiece in which Arab, Berber and Jewish taste are mixed.
“Every form of decoration has a connotation that symbolizes the region or an ancient heritage in Morocco, which may have Arab, Berber, or Jewish roots, as the makers of the traditional Moroccan dagger still use Jewish symbols that were used by Moroccan Jews who practiced this craft before their departure.

this is a rare old and unique moroccan dagger, with motifs relating to arab and berber culture, it is a well-finished craftsmanship, handmade in iron White metal metal ;

❤❤❤❤ Basic information: ❤❤ Scabbard is made of metal . ❤❤ Traditional double edged forged blade. ❤❤ Handle is Wood with metal ornaments. ❤❤ *Length with scabbard : 41 cm


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