Moroccan Dagger Knife Handmade & Authentic-603

Moroccan Dagger Knife Handmade & Authentic-603


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   Moroccan tribal Berber Koummiya dagger with intricate handicraft engravings; The Moroccan Koummya (or Koumaya) is the traditional dagger of the Berbers of Morocco. Still today, it is worn by the Chleuh Atlas for whom it is more a mark of social position, elegance and belonging to a group than a defense weapon. It is visible on the djellaba, height and tip of the scabbard forward, hanging on the left side by a cordelière on the right shoulder and struck on the 2 bail rings.Kumya belongs to the group derived from the Arabic Jambiya ,it is a large family of daggers with many local variations in the east and west of the Arabian Peninsula.  ❤❤❤❤ Basic information: ❤❤ Scabbard is made of metal . ❤❤ Traditional double edged forged blade. ❤❤ Handle is wood with metal ornaments. ❤❤ *Materials: Wood,Metal. ❤❤ *Length with scabbard : 30 cm 


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