Moroccan Leather Tuareg Handbag Purse Women Shopping Bag _1600

Moroccan Leather Tuareg Handbag Purse Women Shopping Bag _1600


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This authentic Tuareg bag features a bold color scheme on the outside, with hand-stitched tassels. It has a beautiful old look and closes and is made of natural leather.
The nomadic tribe of the Tuareg desert is well-known for making such fine leather goods.
Material: goat leather. Bag Height: Approx: 36 CM Main color: YELLOW.
And its width is 27 CM
The Tuaregs are nomads who move in large areas of the south of the Sahara, and they often move with their herds and camels in the south of the Sahara in search of water and food for their livestock.
They make a great world of utilitarian customary things from camel calf and goat leather which is their basic material because of its strength,
Kindness and adaptability. Masters of geometric abstract design, Tuareg-style things sticking out of saddlebags Into pillowcases to intertwine tents that are drawn, shaped, woven, engraved and bordered.


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